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Thank you to all of our customers this is a new website we are adding our testimonials from our old site, so if you don't see your testimonials, please be patient, we will get them up soon. If you have any 30 day before & after photos, send them to


 Mike G. 

I used this product in the past and will continue to use it it's the best out there. If you haven't tried it you better get it! Also, the auto-ship program has worked out great for me and I know it will be there every month for me. Thanks, rhino labs for the grp keep up the good work.


 Lisa Alex 

Thank you, GRP I love your products they work the best as you can see. It also helped me win the best show! We will always use your products for our breeding program.


 Michael P.

I have been using this product form this company for almost 2 years and won't use anything else. Look at our dog 25 days, and you could see for your self. I will post some more pics of our other dogs soon. Thanks, green rhino power for everything!


 Art Ortiz 

WOW! GRP by Rhino Labs is an excellent mineral/vitamin supplement for all dogs. I was skeptical at first, but I gave it to my Shih Tzu while she was nursing her 2nd litter of pups, She was thin, frail and was losing hair from nursing, but after only one week I noticed a difference, She stop losing hair and started bulking up and after one month she was healthy and fully recovered, Her coat came back thicker and shinier than it's ever looked, I was truly impressed because It took 3X longer for her to recover from her 1st litter without GRP. Thanks for this amazing product.


 Bully Land Kennels 

Wishbone on the GRP!
he has been on green rhino super grow for 4 1/2 months. If you use this product right it works great, just look at wishbone, what do you think? He is 1 year old now! thanks, Rhino Labs!



 Jason Smith 

This Green Rhino Power made my English bulldog int to a monster in 30 days! I thought it was expensive and didn't think it would work. I have seen significant differences in the first five days he had worms and wouldn't put weight after I wormed him. I recommend these products to anyone that wants to try them, do it, I tried bully max, and it didn't work as the website claims don't waste your money on other products.


Carlos Colina

Sophie is the female and is one year old she has really bad allergies and I can't give her nu vet because it breaks her out so I put her on green rhino and you can tell the difference in the two pics not only did she thicken up it also cleared her up and look how her coat shines. Only 30 days & I am a firm believer that green rhino works!


Lisa Padilla

Green Rhino works fast in the first week was amazed! My brother used this product in the past. He said it would work fast. I didn't think it would be this fast. She just had a litter of pups, and I used the weight gainer for 3 weeks & 2 days, she looked better than ever before. Thank you Rhino Labs!


Carlos Martinez

Here are pics of my dog 31 days after we started giving grp. I bought a 32oz. bottle not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had doubts at first, the days started to go by, and I started to see him change!! It was like miracle grow & I really didn't buy grp to bulk up my dog it was just to help his growth and give him extra nutrients and vitamins while he matured. grp is a great supplement for dogs of all ages. With a little grp and exercising your dog every day you will get outstanding results rapidly. Thanks, Franks and all the staff at Rhino Labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James Johnson

Teddy has been using Green Rhino products 32 days and I can't believe the difference after such a short time I was amazed and now I continue to give him the maintenance formula. I love these products!


Victor Lopez

Before anything, I would like to thank rhino labs for this amazing product. I know there is no green rhino power for people if there were I would have bought it, there is nothing out there like grp. In 5 days you will see a significant change in your dog, not just body size but in health too. Buy this product it works and it work's fast.  No doubt was looking at my dog 60lb before and 95lb after pics you be the judge. Once again thanks GRP for this product. Now get yourself a bottle & make sure you join the message board. My dog put on 35lb of muscle In 30 days!


Phil Shannon

Hello, my name is Phil Shannon, and this is my dog, Vinny. He is a two year old male pitbull and he just never really got as big as I had anticipated, so this led me to try Green Rhino Power. I didn't really think it was going to work for him, but it did! At the end of the 30 days, Vinny gained 11 pounds as well as having a healthier coat and muscles growing more defined. I will keep using this product for the simple fact that it actually works. Thank you, GRP!


Marshall Shields

This is male before & after 30 days of green rhino first before & then after. I used GRP in the past. I will always use grp It never fails thank you rhino labs!


Jason Ortago

Day 1 here is a picture of one big kennel blue tri puppy before green rhino power. The photo was taken on 1-13-2009.

Day 3 blue tri puppy on green rhino power for three days on 1-15-2009‏ this blue tri puppy on Green Rhino Power after three days. I took these pictures on 1-15-2009 in the afternoon at 4:00 pm today. Green Rhino Power works & he is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Larry Davis

This is Balou, and I bought GRP before the dog show because I wanted her to look good. She has been using GRP for 30 days before the show she looks so good I was surprised by the way she looked, so that following week I took to the show I didn't expect her to win anything, but wow I couldn't believe it she won first place! I love this product and will continue to use it and if you haven't tried it, you should, you also will be surprised. Thank you, GRP!!!


Rob G.

It will be put to the test! I came across this 4yr female who hadn't been fed in who knows how long!! Her owner was losing his house and had no job! I took this picture right after we got home! She is being fed Evo and canned meat with g.r.p. I got her on Tuesday, Nov 10th... Now, this is how she looks 4 weeks later 30 days look at how she is doing, great product!

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